Put Local Climate Data at Your Fingertips with Drawdown Georgia By the Numbers

Put Local Climate Data at Your Fingertips with Drawdown Georgia By the Numbers

ATHENS, GA. -- Tracking Georgia’s progress toward net zero emissions is now easier and more convenient for local governments, researchers, and climate advocates with Drawdown Georgia By the Numbers, a detailed county-level update on greenhouse gas emissions sent directly to subscribers’ inboxes on a quarterly basis.

The data included in these updates comes from the Drawdown Georgia GHG Emissions Tracker, which was developed by Dr. William Drummond of Georgia Tech, along with colleagues at both Georgia Tech and University of Georgia. The one-of-its-kind GHG Emissions Tracker is a highly interactive dashboard that gives users deep insights into sources of emissions in Georgia, down to the individual county level.

“Drawdown Georgia by the Numbers gives decision-makers, researchers, and advocates unprecedented data that is as actionable as it is illuminating,” said John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and a founder of Drawdown Georgia. “As we continue to define the path forward to net zero carbon emissions, giving those working at the local level the tools they need to measure and manage emissions will prove to be an invaluable asset to the Georgia climate community.” 

Drawdown Georgia By the Numbers county-level emissions updates include the information local leaders and solutions providers need to: 

  • Compare emissions data for the previous quarter and the previous 12 months, broken down by source, such as residential, transportation, and commercial
  • Compare the subscriber’s local, county emissions data to its five nearest neighboring counties
  • Track emissions for the given quarter for every year dating back to 2005, allowing subscribers to eliminate seasonal variations in emissions as they evaluate year-over-year changes

Drummond anticipates adding additional subscriptions that report climate data at different levels of detail in the future, including data aggregated by city and by sector, like electricity. 

“Our goal with the GHG Emission Tracker is to make emissions as local, timely, and accessible as possible in order to connect what's happening with our climate to what we can see happening on the ground,” said Drummond. “Drawdown Georgia by the Numbers aggregates publicly available datasets that you won’t find anywhere else, and that by design, will help move us further faster when it comes to climate solutions.” 

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About Drawdown Georgia
Drawdown Georgia is a statewide research-based initiative launched in 2020 that was born from a multi-university collaboration, funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Taking inspiration from Project Drawdown®, the world’s leading resource for taking action on climate change, Drawdown Georgia localized that work by identifying the 20 highest impact solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our state over the next decade. 

This framework focuses on climate solutions in five sectors: transportation, buildings & materials, food & agriculture, electricity, and land sinks. It considers how these solutions can reduce emissions and advance “beyond carbon” priorities, including equity, economic development, public health, and nurturing the larger environment. 

Drawdown Georgia has grown into a “leader-full” movement, bringing together many organizations, universities, companies, leaders, and funders who are working to advance climate solutions in Georgia, including members of the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact, Drawdown Congregations, and Drawdown Higher Education. Learn more at drawdownga.org.

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