Drawdown Georgia Launches New Climate Solutions Card Game

Drawdown Georgia Launches New Climate Solutions Card Game

On Third Anniversary, Georgia Climate Initiative Introduces Solved!, a Collaborative New Engagement Tool for Educators and Advocates

Education is key when it comes to scaling climate solutions and can be even more powerful when the content is delivered in a fun and engaging way.

That’s the premise behind Solved! The Drawdown Georgia Climate Solutions Game, which teaches high school and college students, climate advocates, and Georgia-based climate organizations about localized carbon reduction solutions that can reduce net emissions in Georgia.  

This interactive, team-based approach to learning about high-impact climate solutions in the state is being released to coincide with the third anniversary of the launch of the Drawdown Georgia initiative. Solved! joins the wide array of climate resources offered by Drawdown Georgia including Climate Solutions Toolkits, the GHG Emissions Tracker, the Georgia Climate Digest, Drawdown Georgia by the Numbers county-level emissions updates, and more.

“Just like in life, teamwork and collaboration are key to winning the climate solutions game,” said Dr. Marilyn A. Brown, Regents' Professor and Brook Byers Professor of Sustainable Systems in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech. “The three Georgia Tech grad students who helped me build out the game--Oliver Chapman, Max Koptik, and Lalith Polepeddi--played it with different groups in multiple settings, watched how players worked together, and then updated the rules and cards to enhance team interactions and learning.”

Solved! was inspired by an article written by Dr. Brown and other members of the Drawdown Georgia research team that details the science behind Drawdown Georgia’s high-impact solutions. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the article provided the foundation to create the game materials.

“Solved! offers an exciting and interactive way to learn, network, and connect around climate issues,” said John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, a primary funder of Drawdown Georgia. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Drawdown Georgia’s third anniversary than by launching a creative and engaging new tool for the dedicated educators in our state.”

The development of the game was made possible through a partnership of Georgia Tech faculty and graduate students, the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, and the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL). IGEL is an experiential environmental education program that provides participants with knowledge, skills, and a professional network to solve Georgia’s environmental challenges. 

Dr. Brown explained, “Our hope is that the game can be used in classrooms, board rooms, and community settings to provide a fun and engaging way to bring people together to work towards a cleaner and more prosperous environment in Georgia.”

Learn more about Solved! The Drawdown Georgia Climate Solutions Game and download all the game materials on the Drawdown Georgia website.

About Drawdown Georgia
Drawdown Georgia is a statewide research-based initiative launched in 2020 that was born from a multi-university collaboration, funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Taking inspiration from Project Drawdown®, the world’s leading resource for taking action on climate change, Drawdown Georgia localized that work by identifying the 20 highest-impact solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our state over the next decade. 

This framework focuses on climate solutions in five sectors: transportation, buildings & materials, food & agriculture, electricity, and land sinks. It considers how these solutions can reduce emissions and advance “beyond carbon” priorities, including equity, economic development, public health, and nurturing the larger environment. 

Drawdown Georgia has grown into a “leader-full” movement, bringing together many organizations, universities, companies, leaders, and funders who are working to advance climate solutions in Georgia, including members of the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact, Drawdown Georgia Congregations, and Drawdown Georgia Higher Education. Learn more at drawdownga.org.

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